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Tesla Referral Program

Tesla referral is a presentation code that allows you to obtain discounts or other advantages when purchasing your new Tesla.


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Curious to know what Tesla's Loot Box has reserved for you? Use the Referral code and discover the advantages dedicated for you!

Tesla created this loyalty program to reward both those who purchase and those who help spread the company's mission: to accelerate the transition to a world of sustainable energy sources.


By using our Referral code for the purchase of a Tesla or other Tesla products, you will receive discounts or other benefits (credits, top-up bonuses, etc.) that you can accumulate and convert in the Tesla Shop!

When you purchase an eligible Tesla product through a referral link, we both earn credits. 

 N.B. The referral cannot be added after the order has been placed.

Use our Referral

You can get special discounts, free Superchargers, and many other benefits!

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