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Tesla Superchargers now available for all EV in Italy too

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Tesla had already launched this Pilot Project in 2021 in the Netherlands and Norway and from 16 November has formalized the expansion of the project also in Italy.

How does the Pilot Supercharging program work?

With this pilot project, some stations are now accessible to non-Tesla electric vehicle drivers via the Tesla app (version 4.2.3 or later).

Prices for non-Tesla drivers include the additional costs incurred to support the charging of a wide range of vehicles and changes made to our sites to accommodate these vehicles. Rates vary by site, and you can view top-up prices in the Tesla app. The price per kWh for recharging can be reduced with a special subscription for recharging.

The logic of the occupancy rate at the end of the recharge remains the same for everyone: Tesla has always provided for the payment of a cost per minute (from 0.80 euros to 1.00 euros) for parking beyond the recharging time. The rates apply to fully charged cars stopped in a Supercharger occupied for at least 50% of its capacity. These rates double if the station is 100% occupied

Tesla vehicle drivers can continue to use these stations as they always have, and the California house will closely monitor each site for any slowdowns and collect individual customer experiences.

We firmly believe that the more customers who use the Supercharger network, the faster the expansion of electric mobility will be. Tesla's goal is to learn and replicate quickly, while continuing to decisively expand the network, in order to finally be able to welcome both Tesla and non-Tesla vehicle drivers to every Supercharger station in the world.

Full speed ahead with Electric Mobility !!!

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