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The best App to install for e-trips

Finally the aggregator we were waiting for has arrived! It is called Carge and in addition to simplifying your life by unifying more than 130,000 charging stations in 15 European countries in a single app, it will allow you to save money thanks to special dedicated rates. Install the App on your Smartphone, interface your electric vehicle and upload (without needing specific cards or RFID tags) at discounted prices from many operators. The first charging session is free: Seeing is believing! We are sure that for you too It will become your favorite charging app without any more stress! Write us to give us your feedback ...

For those who love complicated life...

In the Android and Apple stores, you can download some essential apps for free to identify the charging stations along your route. For some of them it is possible to register and purchase virtual wallets (using your credit card) and manage top-up payments directly from your Smartphone.

Below you will find in our opinion the best ones (the order is purely random) with a brief description:

It is truly a complete application where at a glance the columns for both Electric Cars and E-Bikes (public or private) are displayed with their connectors and charging speeds. The most beautiful and above all very useful feature is that users can report new charging stations, post photos and comments and search by filters such as the type of socket or the type of column FAST, SLOW, RAPID. Once you have logged in it will be possible to replenish your Wallet by purchasing credit by charging your credit or debit card that can be used to pay the various top-ups from time to time. The credit tranches that can be purchased are multiples of 20 Euros. The real-time App Navigator will create the route to the selected charging destination. It may happen that some columns are not enabled to recharge via smartphone therefore it is advisable to request their card. The rechargeable card is automatically sent to the home address after the first recharge.

By registering on the APP, unlike all operators, you will receive 1 Key Fob for free (not the classic card) with their brand: practical and functional. Impeccable graphics and absolute simplicity of use. EVWAY has the exclusive feature of being able to search for recharging points even for electric scooters or motorcycles. The substantial difference with the other apps is that the charging cost here is calculated by time and not by kW. Those who have a car with a powerful charger such as Model S or Model X can achieve significant savings. The Tesla Model 3 has a maximum AC charging power of 11 kW. The credit in the virtual wallet can be purchased by credit card or Paypal and is made up of Coccinelle. Each ladybug is equivalent to 0.01 Euro. In the columns enabled, the rate will be displayed in ladybugs per minute. The price of electricity varies according to the speed of the column and according to the various European countries. Of course it will be more expensive to recharge in direct current columns (FAST) and cheaper in slow columns (alternating current). The navigator inside the APP has recently been updated, which allows you to reach the selected hill without leaving the application itself.

JuicePass is the new Enel X App that allows you to manage all charging services on public and private columns. You access the App by registering, or through your Facebook or Google profile, or alternatively as an anonymous user You can choose the profile that best suits your needs: private, automotive, corporate, domestic You can choose the type of column and find it on the map, find out the access times and costs, book the recharge, monitor it live and consult the history of your consumption The App works with all public columns compatible with Enel X recharging, but also with private infrastructures at home or in the office Enel proposes consumption based tariff plans or it is possible to sign a flat contract. The Small Flat Plan currently costs € 25 per month for 60 kWh per month, while the Large Flat Plan has a total cost of € 45 per month for 120 kWh. It is also possible to associate the app with your Wallbox (useful for those who require installation in their garage) in this way it is possible to program the start of home charging. Just select the hours remaining to start and connect the car to the Wallbox. Naturally, the costs of recharging in this case will go directly to the bill, and consumption will be paid on the basis of the energy manager's tariff.

Useful app where reports of FREE charging columns abound! Even private users who like to share their personal charging point with other users can add their own charging point. It is possible to upload photos and comments to help other users and filter by charging sockets and networks.

Easy to track charging points and plan a trip. The app is intuitive and the data is displayed in an easily usable way. It is also very easy to write comments on check-ins scattered around. At the moment the community that uses it has really built a nice network of comments and photos (one of a kind). It is possible to order a pass (interoperable card) with a credit of 19.90 Euros. The subscription has no monthly costs and it is possible to top up with a credit card. At the moment it is not possible to pay directly from the APP.

Among the cards of all the operators tested, the Duferco card is the one that was read with a very low percentage of error. International Roaming can also be activated. By associating the card on the APP it is possible to monitor consumption in real time (useful if you have a prepaid solution). For those who are a Tesla Club Italy member, there are agreements that allow significant savings for both FLAT and Rechargeable contracts. Conditions vary from year to year. For more info contact us.

The Ionity project was born from the Joint-venture of BMW, Porsche, Audi, Daimler, Ford, Wolksvagen, a network of fastest charging stations in the world (up to 350 kW). Their points are growing more and more in Europe and the expansion is really strong! In Italy, ultra fast charging stations are in full expansion and costs can be really exorbitant if the brand of your car is not part of the network that created it. At the moment only Tesla Model 3 is the only car enabled for fast charging up to 200 kW P.S. when a station has just opened it is possible to charge for free ;-)

For the first time, an oil giant acquires a substantial charging network for electric vehicles. Shell has in fact bought NewMotion, one of the largest charging networks in Europe with access to over 50,000 public charging points on the continent. The app differs from the others for the particularity of indicating the estimated price of the recharge once the model of electric car you have has been set. Naturally, for a more precise estimate possible, it is necessary to indicate the range of the charge percentage upon arrival and the desired charge percentage before leaving the column. The estimated prices indicated are per kWh consumed.

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