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Travel Consultant
Travel Consultant
Travel by electric car to discover the most authentic Italy. From concept to booking, we will help you build your perfect trip to the beautiful country based on your needs, interests and desires.
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We are looking for partners that support our mission and share sustainability as lifestyle. If You have ideas or want talk with us please contact us

Hotels & Restaurants

 During our trips We visit hotels and restaurants where it is possible to charge our car.  

In our reviews We tell only about authentic experiences, choosing only best places that help Planet with concrete actions. 

Help us to support sustainability as lifestyle.

If You want that in our next trip We'll visit your hotel or restaurant please contact us.

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Plenitude Be Charge was our recharge partner during the trips we will undertake to discover the Best Places in Italy and Europe for 2023...

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Discover amazing tree houses, eco-friendly hotels, organic farmhouses, green b&b and much more in the largest sustainable tourism community!



Teslari is our favourite Tesla Forum   where We found a lot of information about our Tesla Model 3 and its world.                     For our opinion it's a complete platform and We enjoy to meet other people with the same passion.They organize a lot of events and You can meet People from Italy, Switzerland and San Marino Republic.



A free platform to discover hotel & restaurant with best plug for our electric car

they talk about us

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