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Why to buy a Tesla

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

8 good reasons that led us to sell our "old" polluting car and choose one with zero emissions

Many of you ask us what were the reasons that made us lean towards the purchase of an electric car and above all why Tesla.

A lucky "astral conjunction" during our honeymoon intrigued us about the world of electric and since then it has been a succession of test drives (we have tried almost all of them: Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf ...), calculations and a pinch of courage ...

We have summarized our fears and ideals that prompted us to action into 8 main themes.

Global Climate Crisis

From the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), if we do not change our lifestyle within 10 years, by producing energy with renewable sources, the next climate change will be catastrophic and we will enter a threshold of no return.

Buying an electric vehicle is a lifestyle choice that allows you to participate in this change to safeguard the survival of the wonderful planet we live on.

For many years there has been talk of global warming and governments seem to ignore it by acting with inadequate policies or glossing over the problem. We therefore believe it is important to reduce our environmental footprint by acting individually with "small" large actions that will surely make a difference and at least send signals to the powerful.

For our present and the future of those who will come after us, it is important to opt for an electric-powered vehicle instead of a polluting car powered by derivatives of fossil fuels. Act now and immediately before it's too late!

Polluted Air

According to the European Environmental Agency, in 10 years more than 400,000 Europeans Citizens died from causes related to poor quality of the air they breathed.

Our cities from North to South are more and more plagued by pollution and the periods of stop of the circulating car fleet are of little value; after a few days the situation becomes unbearable again.

The commitment of all citizens should be to use public transport (hopefully electric) as much as possible, go on foot or use the bicycle and if you really can't do without the car you need to switch to a vehicle electric.

Many skeptics or detractors argue that the purchase of an electric vehicle is only "green washing" or the problem of pollution is only transferred from the exhaust pipe to the chimney of the power plant. But they forget that in 2021 there are certainly clean methods to produce energy: wind, water and the sun are renewable elements and energy storage has no chimneys!

If the conditions of our home (for example a condominium) do not allow the installation of a photovoltaic system, in our small way we can choose an energy manager that dispatches only clean energy.

Most electric vehicle owners use 100% renewable energy to recharge their car and the change will certainly trigger a positive virtuous circle by increasing the demand for energy from renewable sources.

The beautiful sound of silence

Another aspect to which we are now addicted is noise pollution.

An electric car is the quietest means of transport for both those who are outside and those who travel inside.

Driving without the annoying "hum" of the internal combustion engine allows you to concentrate on driving and enjoy the music and chat with your travel companions without having to raise your tone of voice to cover the natural background that they made us accept as normal.


At first glance, the cost of an electric car of the same category compared to a car with a polluting engine seems insane. But as often happens in life, we must never stop at appearances. It is an important but fundamental decision for the change of pace!

Analyzing better and making two calculations the needle of the balance tends towards the electric car, saving a lot of money or in the worst case spending the same amount of polluting car but lightening the ecological footprint.

In Italy, the government has allocated an incentive (eco-bonus) of up to 6000 euros for those who scrap their old car with a heat engine and buy an electric vehicle. Furthermore, electric cars are exempt from tax (in some regions only for the first 5 years then the cost is equal to 1/4 compared to a vehicle of the same category but polluting) and maintenance is reduced to a minimum because there are no changes. oil, filters, spark plugs, belts, clutches etc.

The insurances provide very affordable RCA rates for electric vehicles. The estimated savings are around 500 Euros per year in our case. Modern technologies have made electric motors extremely reliable and there are testimonies in America of Tesla customers who have assets of almost 1,000,000 km without any kind of problem.

It is true after 10 years the battery may not be as performing as at the beginning but a reduction of even 10% would be acceptable considering the progress in terms of mileage efficiency.

Our choice today will certainly accelerate the pace of car companies that will start producing models, obtaining economies of scale and certainly better prices for everyone.

No Charging Anxiety But only Relax

We have always wondered what kind of profession the gas station attendant is (for all the respect we have for the human being as such). The stop at the refueling station where you have to wear gloves (when you are lucky and there are) to make the stinking and very expensive fuel plan is now only a memory.

The simplest solution is to load your car overnight in your home to always be ready to travel.

For longer journeys both in Italy and in Europe the spread of high-speed columns is increasing more and more.

For those like us who are lucky enough to own a Tesla, the Supercharger fast charging network allows you to plan your stops and relax while charging your car.

In our posts you will discover the ease with which it recharges and for the detractors the time is that of a normal stop in Autogrill.

Driving Pleasure and Safety

An electric car is very easy to drive, does not have a manual gearbox and acceleration (given by the very high torque value) is fast and smooth.

Electric vehicles have sophisticated control of traction and brake distribution, which allows all the power to be transferred to the asphalt without the risk of wheel spin or skidding.

The positioning of the battery (under the floor) offers a very low center of gravity giving a driving position similar to a racing car, giving safety even at high speed.

"Regenerative" braking is nothing more than electromagnetic braking which, by generating additional electricity, allows the battery to be recharged simply by lifting the foot off the accelerator pedal.

The life of the pads is considerably extended allowing for considerable savings.

An electric car is not only more stable on the road, but in the event of an accident, without an engine and gearbox in the front, they have a larger crumple zone, being able to better absorb impacts.


As with iPhones, Tesla also broadcasts software updates for its electric vehicles via Wi-Fi.

This way of operating allows the parent company to recover important data in real time and correct small defects by operating remotely.

The basic autopilot helps to maintain the distance to the vehicle in front automatically and automatically brakes if obstacles are detected in the driving lane. The advanced version that will soon be tested in Europe will also include the possibility of complete autonomous driving.

Tesla has overturned the design of the classic car (with the dashboard and the buttons we were used to) by including in the Model 3 a touch screen in which all the vehicle's functions are concentrated.

Surely a week is not enough to discover all the functions of the vehicle, but who hasn't studied a bit to understand how their mobile phone works after buying a new one?

From your mobile App you can manage the preheating of the car and check the charge level and autonomy of the battery in real time. Soon it will be possible to activate the intelligent SUMMON function which will allow the car to exit autonomously from a parking lot and reach us wherever we want.

A Better Planet 

he economic model on which we all studied at university did not foresee the limit of resources and the negative impact of pollution. Being tied to oil means being subjected to a system of unscrupulous powerful people who continue to fuel wars and cause environmental damage and the health of citizens.

There is no planet B, there is only one life and our choices must be aware.

Why TESLA: According to our point of view, it is the machine with the best value for money! We thought a lot about buying a used Model S or a new Model 3 and in the end our choice fell on the new one for the Supercharger charging speed, for the measures closest to a "European" standard, certainly for the version more advanced software and for the possibility of being able to earn from your car (Tesla will create a fleet of Robotaxi vehicles in which the owner can earn up to $ 30,000 a year as soon as autonomous driving becomes a reality).

The car is also delivered at home with a car transporter in particular lockdown periods or if the customer so desires.

The capillary network of Superchargers (high-speed charging stations) allows you to travel without charging anxiety and with human travel times. The continuous software updates delay the obsolescence of the vehicle and in practice it is like having a new car with every month surprises, news and continuous improvements to performance, consumption etc.

Don't stop at appearances: does the price seem too high? Savings come later: GUARANTEED!

Tesla has unhinged the paradigm that has accompanied the classic car manufacturers until now. Have you ever wondered how much coupons, insurance and stamps cost for an endothermic? Well it's time to do it and you will discover a new world. How lucky to drive a Model 3 and how nice to be able to help so many people change pace.

If you have any doubts or simply want to dispel some curiosity, contact us.

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